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Telepsychiatry Service
About Mental Illness
STOP the Stigma
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Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center For Uvira (CRPU)

The Uvira Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center well-known in French as Centre de Réadaptation Psycho-Social d'Uvira (CRPU) exists to enable and promote culturally appropriate access to mental health care through telepsychiatry in the territory of Uvira, Democratic Republic of the Congo.
With only One psychiatrist for every 2 million people, it's difficult if not impossible to see a psychiatrist in Congo. The country of over 70 million people has only 36 psychiatrists and most of them are based in capitol, Kinshasa
Psychological & Emotional Scars of Wars

While much attention from Non-Government Organizations, have been focused on meeting the "basic needs' such as food, shelter and some physical illnesses of the local population in DRC, these efforts are often undermined by the growing unmet mental health problems. The local population, especially, women and children are constantly haunted by psychological and emotional scars that are not treated nor acknowledged due to lack of awareness about mental illnesses and mental health system.That's why the need for a mental health center in the territory of Uvira is overwhelming.


Most Congolese are still unaware that mental illnesses are real treatable health conditions and that recovery is possible.

As the only mental health center in Uvira we believe it is our responsibility to enable the residents of the territory of Uvira to access mental health services they desperately need.
With Your Support
we are building the first mental health Rehabilitation Center in territory of Uvira to help address the long-overlooked mental health issues that affect many people in eastern Congo.
CRPUaims to enhance the quality of life for individuals in territory of Uvira by serving as a community resource for the understanding and treatment of mental health and supporting victims of sexual violence and  their families and loved ones. Unfortunately, those most vulnerable people live in the territory of Uvira in South-Kivu Province where people are still not able to access mental health services.

The psychological wounds of the nearly two decades of armed conflicts in Congo have placed so many people in desperate need of mental health services, who are unfortunately abandoned with no other alternative than to go to traditional healers or to exorcism rituals to cast out demons (or evil spirits) This helps to explain why traditional healers and exorcism practices remain the only available options to treat mental health illness. This is especially true in rural areas of the territory of Uvira where many people who suffer from mental illnesses are shunned and isolated with no access to any form of psychological or psychiatric treatment, unless they seek out exorcists and other spiritual healers. Uvira Psycho-Social Rehabilitation Center is committed to providing effective alternative for people with mental health conditions. The Center is the first of its kind here in the territory of Uvira where most people still mistakenly believe that those affected by mental illness are either possessed by demonic forces or victims of witchcraft.