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Inpatient Services.
Admissions to the inpatient psychiatric services will be a last resort when other treatment options are unsuccessful. The services will be offered at its modern complex in Kawizi. A variety of treatment options to expedite rapid recovery with symptom reduction, access to programs which develop skills to manage psychiatric illness and better function in the community, and active discharge planning and support for individuals returning to community living.Treatment will be provided by multi–disciplinary teams of professional and paraprofessional staff offered in individual and group format. Families in this part of the country don't often know what to do with their loved ones when they are experiencing acute uncontrollable symptoms. The center will provide an alternative to practices of putting in chains in their own houses. 
Outpatient Services will offers a range of services that will include:

The Intensive Case Management Program (ICM)
 ICM to provide needed support for severely mentally ill individuals who are frequent users of inpatient services and have specialized needs in the community. This program will serve as a support and will follow patients throughout outpatient and inpatient admissions.

The Case Management Program (CM)
A "step–down" program for those clients who need support to function in the community but do not require the level of intensity provided by the Intensive Case Management program.

24-Hour Crisis Phone Line (CPL)
To provide immediate help to individuals, families and friends of people in emotional crisis. Provide referrals and linkages to services specific to client’s needs.
Mobile Crisis Teams (MCT)
Mobile crisis teams wil intervene wherever the crisis is occurring in territories of Uvira, Fizi and Walungu (kamanyola) for psychiatric emergencies. Mobile crisis teams will work closely with the police, crisis hotlines and hospital emergency personnel to provide pre-screening assessments or act as gatekeepers for inpatient hospitalization and also connect individuals with community based programs and other services. 
Community sensitization program (CSP)
Periodical community sensitization meetings will be carried out by UMHC throughout the territories of Uvira, Fizi and Walungu (kamanyola) focusing on common mental illnesses, beliefs and attitudes towards mental illness, approach/handling/care of persons with mental health problems in the community, the community’s role in promoting mental health, importance of early identification and early referral of patients for medical treatment. UMHC will target key community leaders by direct invitation such elders, religious leaders, teachers, local leaders, traditional healers, and representatives of interest groups for women, youths and disabled persons for the meetings. The meetings will also be part of outreach and education efforts to inform people about available services, as well as to inform them of their general rights and responsibilities in obtaining services in order to make sure people with mental health problems can get help when they ask for help.